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Posted by DarkChaplain at 7/29/2016
This is just a quick info post, rather than a review. Sorry to disappoint!

I have been on vacation in the United States for the past month. As of this week, I am finally home again. There have been some problems with my flight back getting canceled and everything going wrong that possibly could, bar crashing. Yes, they also lost my bag - what joy!

Either way, I am back and exhausted. I got a lot of reading done over the past weeks, however, and looking forward to reviewing most of it over the coming week or two, depending on how quickly I can recover from airport-PTSD and jetlag. I typed up a few relatively short reviews on Goodreads while I was away, but did not have access to this blog to post them here, and some need rewriting/expanding before I will share them further. Besides, I am not used to QWERTY keyboards (we've got QWERTZ in Germany, which is very different when it comes to punctuation!), so I probably typo'd a lot.

Anyway, I have returned to my normal work environment, and will keep you posted.

Some of the books I read and plan to review here:

And I still have Warcraft by Christie Golden and The Jewel and Her Lapidary by Fran Wilde left over from before my trip, which I may or may not tackle. I have a bunch of thoughts on both, but the further they fall behind, the less likely I will be able to write a coherent review of either.

Currently I am reading Michael J. Sullivan's Age of Myth (or rather, listening to the audiobook!), Yoshiki Tanaka's second Legend of the Galactic Heroes novel, Ambition, and Tallarn: Ironclad by John French, as well as a bunch of comics (which I occassional write notes on over at Goodreads, but don't feel competent enough to review in earnest). Without having finished Age of Myth or Ambition yet, I can honestly say that both live up to my expectations (so far) and are well worth reading. Looking forward to reviewing them soon!

That's it for the "quick" info post. Here's hoping I can wrap my head around all those reviews asap!

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