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Reading Lamp started out as a hobby project, and that's what it still is.
The site's author is DarkChaplain.

Please note that reviews on this site will not feature straight scores. This is due to the author's personal dislike of score systems. Rather than giving arbitrary scores, please read the full review, and make your own mind up. We're here to inform you and maybe get you interested in a good read, not condense everything down to a score out of ten.

Also be aware that most reviews posted here will most likely turn out positively, as the author is more likely to bother writing about a read he enjoyed. Bashing a novel may be a way to get pageviews, but is not the kind of content we like here. While a bad contribution to a series or anthology will be mentioned and discussed, a one-off bad read may not be talked about at all, if it can be avoided. The author decides whether or not his opinion is relevant and worth sharing in detail.

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The Dragon Engine
Tomb Raider II #7
Star Wars #22
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adaptation #3
Deathwatch: The Last Guardian
The Harrowing
The Awakening
Poe Dameron #5

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